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Edited by: Salma Siddick

Styled by: Sarah Shropshire

Sawubona, pronounced sow:'bɔh:nah, is more than just an isiZulu greeting. Zulu tradition emphasizes that “I” is connected to your ancestors and they are always with you. When I say, “I see you”, so do my ancestors and in turn, when you see me, you see me as I am through my ancestors. I find this ...


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This is THUMISANG — THE FACE OF KOELESHonored. Bold. Expressive. Thumisang is inspired by the freedom statue of Zambia. If you know the story behind the statue, you know that it's very profound. However, have you looked at the face? I'm fascinated to notice that the entire essence of the statue...

A Worldly Wedding at a Glamorous Estate in Charette-Varennes, France

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In the words of Lauren Pardee of Martha Stewart Weddings  — "A Worldly Wedding at a Glamorous Estate in Charette-Varennes, France" Congratulations to the newlyweds and a friend to the brand for tying the knot. We enjoyed being part of your special day by adding a touch of Africa to your luxury...

Think Zambia Foundation — A fashionable way to give back

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KOELES has partnered up with Think Zambia Foundation, a tech non-profit startup that is aimed at overcoming the digital divide, to develop programs that will ensure that a portion of the benefits we get go towards empowering youth in Africa. THINK ZAMBIA FOUNDATION To be empowered means to be...

Essentially African — The narrative of African excellence.

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—As far as clarity goes, being essentially African is probably the most accurate way to describe how I view myself. Let me unpack this. Historically, the word contemporary or modern has been used to describe a collective of sorts that aggregate concepts and expressions that in turn represent wes...
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