Honored. Bold. Expressive.

Thumisang is inspired by the freedom statue of Zambia. If you know the story behind the statue, you know that it's very profound. However, have you looked at the face? I'm fascinated to notice that the entire essence of the statue can be observed by looking at the face. Zone into the face. Do you see years of pain? Do you see the struggle? Do you feel? When I look at the face, I see boldness, I see honor, I feel. Thumisang's face represents this essence.

The Nguni Shields adds a feeling of eloquence to the face. Did you know that traditionally kings & queens accumulated war shields because they belonged to them? This was an expression of their power. Living kings and queens use fashion and bespoke clothing to express themselves. This is the key to feeling unique, confident and stylish.

The face represents boldness. The Nguni shields represent expressiveness. Be Honored. Be Bold. Be Expressive. Be KOELES.

Thumisang made his debut at the 2019 Champagne House — Feel the tribe event; projected during the KOELES clothing fashion show.