As I reflect on the things that give me character, I can’t escape the fact that I am a product of two seemingly dissimilar worlds.
Personally, my goal is to extend the reach of Afrocentric mindsets and culture; to be described with confidence, positivity, and vibrancy. I am joining plenty of voices that together are a force driving innovation and creativity in Africa. Together, we help people connect with African heritage by extending expression and through daring creativity using colorful fabrics and patterns.
When it comes to clothing, I strive to create designs that embrace my culture and the attires that I grew up around. I aspire to do this while being versatile enough to fuse into my current perception of the world. This speaks to my reflection above. In these designs, I share my love for Dutch wax fabrics which are very common fabrics for clothing in Africa and especially West Africa.
I would like to extend my gratitude to my Team in Seattle, WA for helping me piece together the puzzle that makes this brand a possibility.
I hope that my designs help inspire and bring confidence to those that embrace them!

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