KOELES has partnered up with
Think Zambia Foundation, a tech non-profit startup that is aimed at overcoming the digital divide, to develop programs that will ensure that a portion of the benefits we get go towards empowering youth in Africa.


To be empowered means to be able to succeed as entrepreneurs while developing businesses that give back to the continent of Africa. This is a sure way of working towards the 17 global goals to end poverty and fight inequality. [read more]

Technology is a key part of growing and scaling our business today and so it is important that together, we provide opportunities for youths to learn and grow in technology. Educating and connecting the tech industry in Zambia with other prominent industries there, such as fashion and art, in an effort to use tech to better these industries. Furthermore, since we’ve talked about what it means to be essentially African, we need to also talk about what it means to empower a generation of essentially African youth. A collective of sorts that are encouraged to think creatively and build their own successful future.